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Our Story 

Meet Taylor Rucker - The Founder!

After 12 years of being a stay at home mom. I found myself searching for the right career that would allow me to still be mom to 4 of the most amazing children I have ever met.  You know doing the important stuff like homework, dinners, field trips, making sure they got to and from school and being home on the weekends for them. 

After searching for the perfect "Job" for a long time. Someone said to me

 " You should start your own business". 

After sitting on the idea for a couple months and looking into what that would look like. 

You've Got It Maid was born and started accepting... Okay if it were only that easy. More like searching for Clients early 2013.

While it took a moment for those first clients (who are still on our schedules today) we have quickly grown to serve nearly 200 clients on a monthly basis. And I am still home in time for dinner! 

Thank you for allowing us into your homes, making us feel like a part of the family and most importantly helping my dream become a reality. Without YOU none of this would have been possible. 

Yours Truly,

Taylor Rucker


The Great Duo!

Cole and Daniel joined You've Got It Maid in 2018. 

This sweet couple are the parents to two amazing little humans. Cole was the first to join the company with her husband, Daniel following a few months later. When he stepped up to help with clients after his wife was out with an injury. 

What started out as a temporary thing here at You've Got It Maid was made permanent a few weeks later. 

Cole left her career at Comcast to become an electrician. In the meantime Cole has become my assistant, helping with not only client cleanings, but endless phone calls, mounds of paperwork, late night planning phone calls. She even took over doing all the things while I took 12 days off for vacation just a short 5 weeks after starting... SHE IS AMAZING and we here at You've Got It Maid have had the privilege to have her join our team while she continues to follow her dream of playing with wires and making our lights work.

Daniel is one of the most wonderful humans I have ever had the privilege of meeting. He spent his time prior to joining the team by taking care of their children and keeping the home and hearth. He is the best Mr. Mom in the universe. When Cole found herself with her injury, Daniel stepped up to support his wife and this business with matched energy, quality and passion. He is a stellar teammate and makes this business shine. I am beyond grateful for him as a person and his contributions to our business family. They both are invaluable humans and we are lucky to have them!   

Meet Lisa Conover - Friend and Business Lead!

Lisa joined You've Got It Maid in January of 2017. 

She is a Wife and a Mama to 3 of the sweetest little girls ever! And a one of the best friends a girl could ask for. When I was over loaded with clients trying to take the world on by myself. Lisa offered to help...


You've Got It Maid has grown to where it is today with the help of this amazing woman. 

| Wife | Mama | Friend | Chef | Sandwich Maker | 

| Farm Girl Stuck In The City | Owns Chickens | Likes Pink | 

| Believes in Flip Flops | 

In other words no other person I would rather spend my M - F with and our clients think shes pretty amazing too! Currently, Lisa is on a sabbatical with Holland America. At least that's what we will choose to call it because we'd really like to have her come back!

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